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A Day In The Delusion

Daniel Kennedy 4A

Each day we go through life. The same motions, the same actions, the same thoughts, the same people. Each day falls into a pattern, the so called natural order of things. Throughout life, we ultimately do fall into the same cycle of birth, life, and death. In the end, what do our accomplishments mean? We still die. Eventually we will be forgotten. Is there really any point? In order to retain a semblance of organization and work and focus, humanity cannot follow this line of thought. Should everyone begin believing this ideal, society as we know it would collapse. Nobody would see a purpose in anything, no reason to work, no reason to feel, no reason to even exist. Alternatively others would see no reason for the ordinary rules of society to even exist, anarchy, looting, killing, rape, all would begin to occur because nobody would simply care anymore. In order to prevent these events from coming to pass, we go through life, day to day, with delusions and distractions to keep us happy and fulfilled.

The back wall largely represents vices. Distractions that can lead to ostracization and self destructive tendencies, but distractions nonetheless. And because of their role as distractions they contribute to the grand delusion that we all experience. The metal cross that has been melded with the coin represents religion and the corruption and hypocrisy that often accompany it and pervert the noble ideals that they usually portray, distracting one from the true uncorrupted ideals. The large 6-sided die coupled with the gold are a representation of the way gambling can lead to intensive debt and ruin, can ruin ones life in ones attempt to forget, to delude oneself, to play the game. It can loom over you, destroying you, weighing you down, ruining you. And the delusion is broken as a result, one sees the darker side of life, the unhappiness that accompanies the poor and the destitute, the refugee and the homeless, and the truly sad and desperate. The reverie of the illusion breaks.

The guitar represents the idealized lifestyle that everyone seeks to live, the driving force between many of our actions, the representation of wealth and happiness and a larger-than-life lifestyle. The tiki coupled with the die represents the chance that religions represent. An escape, a window of happiness and something to believe in. But at the same time the crushing overwhelming doubt that you might not have made the right choice, that some other religion might be right. But at the same time the force of ones belief keeps this doubt at bay, provides self-reassurance and relief. The watch is time. The constant, never ending cycle of birth, life, and death. Always there, always watching, always a constant reminder of reality. Of the world we'd all like to ignore, of the reality of death.

The car is us. Viewing the world through a veil of delusion and distraction, represented by the glasses. the battleship is whatever in our life trying to keep us from this delusion, trying to make us see the reality, be it a government, or a higher power, or our family. Whatever it may be it is there, trying to make us view and accept the reality.

This is the delusion. The Delusion of Life. The one that we live in every day.
Each Day. In the Delusion.