An Dumber America

by Paul Miller
The turning out of information for the public viewing began as early as the 17th century. Since then mass media and the internet have overrun the buisness of giving the public the news of the world. Currently, though, media has become not so much as a way to
tell the people what is important so much as what the media wants the people to think is important. Religion, industry, the arts, and nature have all been replaced by the modern themes of today, like technology, money, and political propaganda (From either side mind you). In short, mass media today is slowly brainwashing the masses to forget the past and accept the pointless future they want of us.
My shoebox represents the 2 sides to media today. On the left are all the topics media has been reporting on biasedly or not at all such as religion, industry, the energy crisis, the arts, and nature. On the right represents the future that media wants. It shows all the topics they want people to care about, such as money and propaganda. The Nascar flag represents the dumbing down of society (because we all know who watches Nascar). It also shows that ignorance is held higher in the eyes of America than intelligence.

In the book 1984, Oceana was one of 3 super-countries that oppressed the people with the false delusion that the life they were living was great, but in fact was worse than before the "Revolution". It shows what could happen if the government could control every aspect of the media, even having the power to change the past if it suited their means. The Inner Party, which was the ruling class, was able to watch every citizen of Oceana whenever, wherever. All of this was done by slowly subjecting the people to less and less freedoms untill they could not know the meaning of "Freedom is Slavery".