Literary Artist Statement

The Brain acts as a key to all of our thoughts. While so may have great minds that accomplish great things, other minds do nothing. Their thoughts are in disarray and constantly drift and shift. The phallic like object in the center of the box represents the center of the mind, all the wires are connected to that central pillar. The smooth futuristic look of the center is more of a representation of the mind than anything else. It should invoke images of a piece of technology that links everything else. The wires represent thought processes, some connect to something, some do not. Those that do may connect to things like the itunes gift card, which is a metaphor for money and it's form that seems intangible yet allows humans to buy things. It also doubles as a connection to music. The empty USB case shows how some thoughts mean nothing at all, it's just a fodder thought. Also some of the wires don't lead to anything at all, sometimes a thought will begin to lead you somewhere, but just fizzles out. Also some of the incongruous objects are just that, incongruous thoughts. Sometimes they just don't belong and simply take up space. And finally the massive cut up box that is behind the pillar represents how medicine seems to have a hold on the mind in this day and age. Almost everything is linked to a disease, that can be fixed by medicine. So the box is there for a sort of looming presence.