by Nate Silvestri

external image shoe%20box%20roundup%202011%20aday%20042.jpg\

Clean Up on Aisle Earth is an assemblage that is a criticism of the human race, in particular Americans, and the waste and pollution that they have brought on to the planet Earth.

The items each contribute to the idea of a crumbling universe. The crumbling of the planet, shown by the shavings of the planet on the bottom of the box, signifies the ruination of the planet. The Earth is figuratively falling apart due to pollution, greenhouse gasses, and human interference with natural order. The use of the charger cord that is plugged into the world truly shows human interference. It uses the human technology and shows how it is singlehandedly “charging” the disintegration of the planet. People use cars and planes to move and they are fantastic uses of technology, but they contribute in a large factor to the ruination of nature, which is represented by the crumbling Earth. A small, yet significant feature to the planet in the center is the screw in the side of the Earth. Bluntly said, it represents that the Earth is “screwed”, which also represents the desiccation of the Earth and the slim chance of a return to normal.
The Earth that has crumbled is the focal point of the work, however another major element is the penny in the case in the upper left corner. It is significant that the Abraham Lincoln side is facing the flag and the ruining Earth. Abe is watching what happened to the United States, and cannot have a hand in helping. This represents the negligent remembrance of how great America could be. The case and rubber band enclose him and do not allow for escape. This shows that none of the past can help us of the present, but we must help ourselves. And in the bottom corner a broken heart for all the problems that we have.
The sponge and ribbon represent the attempts of good people (the ribbon) to clean (the sponge) and save the Earth. We as a society still has hope to live and enjoy the planet Earth.