Dark vs. Light

by Ellison Brown

The main message behind the shoebox Dark vs. Light was to point out the strong contrast between dark and light. The darkness and lightness represent two opposing sides of society. The dark side represents the controlled side of society which includes time and money. The watch is placed inside the jar to point out how constricting and imprisoning time can be on our lives. The penny is glued to the floor of the box because money is so tempting for the human spirit even when laying on the ground. The side containing the money and watch is dark because both of these things generally have a negative affect on our lives. The light side is extremely simple. The only things on the light side are a falshlight and a key . The flashlight is shining on the key which represents the key of knowledge. The key of knowledge symbolizes education in life, and the box on that side is white because education is a positive thing in life for humans. The contrast between dark and light in the shoebox show how different parts of society are and how differently they can affect you. Knowledge and education outshine time and money always.