Demise of the Cuties
Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have been competing with nature for dominance of the Earth. Men have created technology responsible for destroying the lives of animals, and even modifying them to become genetically different, and mutated from their natural state. Demise of the Cuties represents the changes and deaths of animals caused by technology.
The owl represents nature, and when the button on the owls wing is pressed, its eyes light up, signifying the genetic changes that humans have unintentionally and intentionally made to animals. The owl is being hung by technology, which is represented by the motherboard, battery, and other man made objects in the left corner. The owl is hung by a measuring tape, which represents the time that has passed and the results of the changes made over that time. The owl is hanging over a red and orange marble surrounded by burned sticks, which represents a fire that is hurting the owl, which was caused by man’s decisions.
The owl can be compared to Frankenstein’s monster, who was created by man and then abandoned to learn how to live life all on his own. Animals are born into an unnatural environment created by man and are forced to learn how to live in their man-made surroundings. Like Frankenstein, the owl in Demise of the Cuties ends his life unhappy and killed as a victim of society.