Desperate States

A Shoebox by Eric Donald


The shoebox represents a shoebox created in the first five minutes of the class that this project was due on. To me, the robot represents "civilized" nations that have technology, as well as the power to create technology. The game on the robot's head further expresses the science and technology that the robot exemplifies. The magnifying glass looking at the tweety bird pez dispenser symbolizes how when one looks in on this situation, one sees good deeds (the giving of techonology to a weaker nation). The paint smeared on the ground is also symbolic of the threshold between the outside world and the magnifying glass is the only way to see into this scene.

The trophy with a bandaid on it is leaning on a calculator, showing how the uncivilized countries are so dependent on technology and are weakened by this. The lock under him is protecting all the natural resources that undeveloped nations have, and the only way that the robot (technological countries) can get to those resources is by trading technology for it (the rocket). This is further exemplified in real life by the cuban missile crisis, where Russia gave nuclear weapons to Cuba,hoping that Cua would turn against the US and start war.

The downward pointer with the clock on it shows that time is running out for the worlds resources, and the uncivilized nations will soon turn to technology. Another example of giving something in the hope of receiving another, is how the alien lifeform in spiderman that turns Peter Parker into venom. The alien gives Peter power, but in return, turns Peter into an evil person. At least Peter was able to get rid of it before it seeped too deep.