Don't Rock the Boat

Courtland Sutton



The analysis and criticism of the female protagonist is heavy theme both in life as well as many literary works. This is the theme of my box. The original idea was to present how naive children grow into the not-so-innocent teenagers, and eventually adults, that society pressures them to be. Specifically, female children. I decided that the plain contrast box would be just that, plain and straight cut and very easy to understand. Thus, I changed my box to simply cover the criticism of the grown-up female protagonist.

When girls start to grow up, they physically change, and people pressure them to look and dress cuter, be prettier, act more like a lady, and subside to men. This is how it is “supposed” to be. Anyone who acts or believes differently is wrong. The title symbolizes this fact. If women don’t conform to these things, they will be rocking the boat, which is not accepted. My box deals with this concept as well. In the adult world, women must navigate many issues and material things. This is represented by the makeup, high heels, and blackberry, and pin-up girl in the back ground. The girl is in a rocking boat on waves, symbolizing the thin line that women in society have while they navigate though these issues, and that it is a rocky path.