Escaping The Future:

Avery Allen, 1B
My peice is meant to show how we need to take a step backward and remove ourself from the flatness and dullness of our life that is controlled by technology. We need to stop our reliance on technology and return to nature. Nature is being destroyed and taken over by our inventions that truly only benefit us. We as humans have a parasitic relationship with the earth. Nature has a flow and softness that technology lacks. Man can stop and return to nature, or continue down this path where we rely on the technology that will slowly destroy our planet.
The box is read left to right, like a book, starting with the butterfly ending with the skeet puck. The large red butterfly on the left is coming forward and out of the box, showing how nature can only fight for so long before it escapes and runs away. The butterfly is flying away from the technology and the imminent future of our planet. Our future is that our technology will take over all of nature and we will be left with the dull and rigid lifestyle that many of us already live. The smaller butterfly and magnifying glass represent how we need to stop and analyze nature and no longer overlook the natural beauty that surrounds us. The broken shell on the red ribbon is representative of how we are breaking down the nature that surrounds us over time.
When I was making this peice I saw how the peices in my box had a very clear division between natural and man-made. I used this division and based my entire peice off of it. The traffic cone represents the threshold we had where we could have easily returned to a natural way of life had we been more cautious and aware of our future. The battery, magnet, compass, bottlecap, zipper, and lightbulb all represent our industrial revolution and the inventions of new things. The broken skeet in the corner represents the destruction that all of these inventions and technology will bring. The thumbtack in the very corner of the box represents the pain we will feel when we realize that there is no way to return to nature because we have destroyed it.
Humans and our dependence on technology are choking out the natural world around us.
We need to Escape our Future.