Failure to Comply by Chad Gallati

Literary Artist Statement:

Technology is a powerful force. It is not uncommon nowadays for someone to be overcome by technology to the point of not being able to function without it. For example, take the teenage girl who is inseparable from her phone. She favors communicating through her phone and rejects real life social interactions. What would happen if you took away her phone. She would be socially handicapped. This arrangement warns viewers to remember the bigger picture. Technology is for fostering communication, not replacing it. The piece also makes a comment on how technology is now perceived as a god that we have created.
In the center, the king of spades represents modern man. He is both being hung and stabbed in the chest by technology (the ethernet cable) while the other end is attached to wealth (the precious stone and the coin). His dependance on material things and technology are hanging him. The rest of us (the other face cards) look on with blank stares, not knowing what is happening.
The farthest end of the cable is connected to the technological god (joker on the motherboard). He is also persecuting the modern man while at the same time, offering them more of what is killing him. The antenna going back into the box towards the people represents how it is the people who control the god. Therefore, it is a false god (technology) that is created by the people but then persecutes those who submit to it.
The joker on top could also be interpreted as society. We create societal norms through broadcasting into the antenna and then persecute those who fail to comply. This is where the title "Failure to Comply" as well as the text on the front of the box came from.
Everything in the box came from very few items. A deck of cards was very good for representing people. The mother board from an internet router became part of the "god" and a striped ethernet cable revealed 5 color coded cables.

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